AXS Maps

Have you ever booked wheelchair accessible transportation to a wonderful new restaurant you’d been dying to visit only to get there and find the restaurant isn’t very wheelchair accessible? If you’ve ever wondered if a place can accommodate a wheelchair but couldn’t find the information on their website then you’ll want to check out AXS Maps.

AXS Maps is a crowd-sourced tool for sharing reviews on the wheelchair accessibility of businesses and places. For some it’s surprising to learn that as many as nine out of ten businesses on a city block may be inaccessible. Using AXS Maps can save time and frustration because you can read reviews of the locations before you arrive. 

AXS Maps is easy to use, it’s both a website and an app for your phone or tablet and all you have to do is search your destination and read the reviews to see if it will meet your accessibility needs. Pretty simple, eh?

And it’s not just for people who use wheelchairs. It’s great for people who use scooters, canes, walkers, parents with strollers and even though new fangled carts that people use when they break their leg.

Reviews can be written by non wheelchair reviews as well so don’t wonder if there is a ramp to the door or if the bathroom can accommodate a chair, use AXS Maps to know for sure.

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